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Two women knelt behind a massive boulder next to the bend in the road. Both were dusky-skinned, somewhat muscular of limb, and had long, black tresses. Had they been standing, either woman was far above the average height for this land, approximately a head taller than most local men. Most obvious of all was that they were enormously large-breasted and naked from the waist up. Their bare breasts rested on their knees as they knelt, almost overflowing them, cubit-wide spheres that dominated their torsos. In all these respects the women were remarkable relative to the populace of this area; but the women were Kantisindi, of the Kantisinda Flats, a day's travel to the south, and in these features they were representative of their tribe.

In their own tongue, 'Kantisindi' means, 'Sexy Canteen Women,' which tells one much about their bizarre outlook on life and their signature biological ability. Throughout the world, the Kantisindi tribeswomen were notable for storing body water in their breasts, hence the frequently obscene sizes they exhibited. They were also known for being incredibly hostile desert raiders, but this made for a less-interesting tavern tale than the bit about the gigantic breasts. These two Kantisindi had ventured north looking for better raiding, the trade caravans through their home territory rare at this time of year. One craned her neck to look around the boulder surreptitiously. She shifted back behind the boulder and gently pinched the breast of her partner to gather her attention.

“A woman comes,” Lissai whispered in Kantisindi, a language with a pronunciation so lurid and suggestive that even simple informative statements sounded like a sexual proposition. “When I give the signal, jump from behind and get her attention. I'll get in front and make sure she doesn't run.” Kolli nodded and edged further around the boulder, her enormous breasts pressed against the rock as she knelt in waiting. Lissai flashed her a handsign. Kolli leaped behind the boulder and brought her spear to bear on the woman from behind.

“Stop where you are!” Kolli yelled, brandishing her weapon. Her titantic bosom still jiggled freely from the jump. The woman spun and looked at her, paralyzed in confused for a single moment as her face paled. The Kantisindi ambush is a surprising thing on a number of levels, offering both spearheads and mind-bogglingly overinflated bust proportions. The woman turned to flee the direction she had been going, screaming. As she ran, Lissai leaped from the other side of the same boulder and cut off her route of escape, pointing her own spear at the woman. The woman stopped, arms raised, looking fearfully back and forth between her captors. Kolli straightened, bringing her spear to her side.

“Where you go so fast? Maybe we just want talk to you,” Lissai said haltingly in the common tongue, her eyes narrowed dangerously. She advanced on the waylaid woman, pressing her gigantic bosom against her and pinning the woman between herself and her compatriot. The woman wriggled amidst the Kantisindi sandwich, a panicked expression on her face.

“Please, d-don't hurt me!” the pale-skinned woman wailed.

“What in pack?” Kolli demanded, stepping backwards to jerk the straps off the smaller woman's shoulders and looking inside, pulling out cloth and rubbing it between her fingertips.

“S-shirts! Just shirts, mended for the next town over! I'm a tailor!” the stammering woman said.

“Shirts? Tailor?” Kolli asked without comprehension, holding up the cloth article in one hand.

“She says she is a coverer-of-breasts,” Lissai said in the Kantisindi tongue, snorting derisively. Kolli sneered, stuffing the cloth back into its pack and casting it to the roadside.

“We not want. But that okay, we just take you instead,” Lissai laughed. She slid her massive chest away from the tailor and hooked a tanned fingertip in the woman's bodice, pulling it away from her breasts and using her superior height to stare down the tailor's cleavage. “Small, but maybe still fun.”

The tailor recoiled, stammering. “B-but... just a moment, you c-can't just take--”

“Can't?” Lissai asked, her tone indicating she found this amusing.

“Wait!” she said suddenly. “Y-you, I mean, your tribe, lives in the desert, right?”

“Is true,” Lissai responded. “But you not worry about that, we make sure you having way too much fun to notice if it hot.” Both Kantisindi broke into boisterous laughter. “Enough talk, you come now.” Lissai bent at the knees and scooped up the much-smaller tailor onto her shoulder, her upper body dangling down Lissai's back and her feet kicking futilely at the Kantisindi's enormous right breast seemingly unnoticed, or at least not particularly minded. The tailor emitted a piercing shriek, but the two tribeswomen turned and began to walk back down the road at a eye-popping jiggle of a march.

“Wait!” she repeated again. “I'm not asking because of the weather! I've just always heard that your tribe is always on the lookout for water? I can show you where to get some!”

“Got water,” Lissai said in a bored voice, slapping her left breast with a liquid-sounding glunk. “And use less water if you not making me talk entire way home.” The tailor struggled in her grip, trying to crane around and look at the Kantisindi.

“What I'm saying is this land has lots of water! If you let me go, I'll guide you to a waterfall!” The two Kantisindi women stopped and glanced at each other.

“What is waterfall?” Lissai asked slowly. The tailor blinked.

“It's, well, like where a huge amount of water pours over a cliff into an enormous lake!” the captive woman said. The tribeswomen raised their eyebrows, impressed by this fantastic notion.

“You making this up?” Kolli asked dangerously. “Is good story, but sound like story.” She switched to the Kantisindi tongue and added, “Does she expect us to believe this? She might as well grope my tits and blame it on the wind, I'd have more chance of believing that.”

“No, no! It's not a story, it's true!” the tailor said. “Let me down, I'll show you!” Lissai sneered and tightened her arm around the woman's waist.

“You not go anywhere. You tell me where go, and I go,” Lissai said. “Once we find, then we let you go.” The tailor blanched, but then nodded meekly.

Kolli chuckled behind Lissai, and then added in their native tongue, “Why does she think that we'll let her go once she's shown us what she knows?” Lissai shrugged, the tailor bouncing atop her shoulder.

“It's a complete mystery to me,” Lissai replied, also in Kantisindi. “It seems best to let her think so, though. Just be watchful in case she's leading us into a trap of some sort.” The tailor watched them with wide-eyed incomprehension. Lissai turned to look at the woman's rear, poised atop her own shoulder. She switched back to the common tongue she was less-familiar with. “Well? Where go?” The tailor pointed from atop the Kantisindi woman's shoulder, at an angle away from the road.

“S-south,” the woman stammered. Lissai brought her other hand to her brow and stared with squinted eyes in that direction.

“Good; south, we go.” Lissai began walking again, an immense fluid-wave jiggling through her breasts as each one of her sandals padded against the earth. Kolli turned and scanned the way behind them briefly before setting into motion and catching up with Lissai and the captive with a short jog. Still facing backwards slung over Lissai's shoulder, the tailor's eyes widened in disbelief as the brief running steps transformed Kolli's gigantic bosom into an inconceivable jiggling of flesh that brought her breasts up to her chin on the up-bounce before slapping together loudly on the downswing.

“No one's coming,” she said in Kantisindi. “We should take as much of the water as we can and send others back up to get the rest of it.” Lissai smirked in reaction to the words.

“I'm sure some of the others will say we should have taken none of it so we could march back faster to tell everyone,” Lissai replied in their own language, raising an eyebrow but offering a coy half-smile. The tailor started at them, looking nervous and curious about what was being said in the unfamiliar language.

“Only because they're in a hurry to fill up their own tits!” Kolli said, laughing. “We found it first, so we'll take as much as we want! I can't wait to see their expressions when I walk back into camp twice as big as any of them!” Lissai threw back her head and laughed, causing the tailor to jolt in surprise. With her left hand, Lissai reached over and groped the underside of Kolli's right breast. She adjusted the tailor on her shoulder and leaned closer to Kolli.

“Personally I can't wait to see you that big either,” she purred. Kolli moaned in the back of her throat, and stepped to the right, sending the side of her right breast rubbing heavily against Lissai's left like a pair of affectionate boulders as the pair walked.

“What are you talking about?” the tailor asked, dangling atop Lissai's shoulder, finally unable to stifle her curiousity at the interchange in the unfamiliar Kantisindi language.

“You,” both Kantisindi lied immediately, before breaking into breast-jiggling laughter when the tailor recoiled. Lissai let her arm around the woman's waist drift down to squeeze the captive's buttock possessively, eliciting a yelp. “You sure you not want us keep you after all?” Lissai teased.

“Very sure!” she yelled. The woman holding her clucked her tongue and laughed softly.

“Okay then,” Lissai said, stepping over a shallow rise. Their path had taken them a distance away from the road, crossing a sparse meadow. The terrain sloped upward into some gentle foothills. “Where go from here?” The tailor struggled against Lissai's arm to twist in her grasp and look along the direction of travel.

“Angle a little to the left; that gap there in between the hills. The canyon leads down to the waterfall.” the captive said. Lissai nodded, and angled towards the gap, plodding uphill. She didn't seem particularly winded, even going uphill with the weight of her breasts and the captive on her shoulder. Kolli followed, using the butt of her spear as a walking stick.

“Keep a close hold on her,” Kolli said in their native language. “I'm sure she's probably going to try make a break for it soon, before we find out there isn't any water at all.” She shot the tailor a suspicious and appraising look. Lissai patted the dangling tailor on the rump, causing her to squirm in outrage.

“Don't worry, I've got her,” Lissai laughed. As the three went further into the hills, the small gap between the hills lead into a small canyon that wound into a valley in the shadow of a mountain. As they proceeded into the valley, a gentle roaring became audible. The two Kantisindi women glanced about, wary.

“What that?” Lissai asked, eyes narrowed. “Dragon?”

“What's what?” the Captive asked, baffled.

“Sound,” Lissai said. “Rushing noise, like wind. But no wind. Talk!”

The tailor finally understood, and replied, “Oh, that. That's the waterfall! I told you there was one! Now let me go, please?” Lissai's eyes bugged out.

“All that noise...water!?” she asked in disbelief. She took off running down the trail, hefting the screaming tailor along with her, closely followed by Kolli. Each step, the tailor was battered by Lissai's jiggling right breast, attempting to knock her straight off the woman's shoulder with the intensity of its bouncing.

“Stop!” the tailor panted. Heedless of her cries, the two Kantisindi women tore through the valley, winding down and down, until finally they lurched around a bend and spotted a depression in the valley floor where a large sheet of water tumbled down the cliff face and had formed a mountain lake feeding a stream that wandered down the opposite hills.

“Water,” both Kolli and Lissai breathed, looking at each other in utter shock. They sprinted recklessly down the incline with mind-boggling amounts of jiggling. Lissai planted her spear in the river bank and threw the captive to the side like a sack of potatoes. She plunged into the pool and began to wade towards the small waterfall. Kolli sprinted after her, but spun on her heel in a pirouette of jiggling mammaries as she saw the captive scurrying to her feet. She was on her in 4 strides, tackling her to the ground and engulfing the smaller woman in a tanned avalanche of cleavage.

“Tits for brains!” Kolli called in Kantisindi. “She almost got away!” Lissai's laughter floated over the water.

“I got a little excited!” Lissai laughed. “Tie her with something! Just look at this! More water than we ever dreamed of!” She stepped through the water, nearing the cliff face. Kolli stared, mesmerized, until finally getting snapped back to reality by the captive wriggling in the confines of her cleavage.

“Let me go! We had a deal!” the woman said. Kolli grabbed the thong necklace around her neck and tugged it off.

“You quiet! We check out water first. If good, you go!” Kolli replied. She shifted position and continued to use her breasts to pin the struggling woman to the ground as she tied her ankles together with the leather thong of her necklace. Out in the pool, Lissai had waded to the rock wall and plunged her upper body into the waterfall, dousing herself from head to toe. She didn't emerge for half a minute, taking a long drink as the water sluiced down her body. Lissai emerged, puffing for air. Her breasts were significantly larger than when she had entered.

“It's clean water! Real water! And it's cold! By the bronzed breasts of the Goddess!” she laughed. “The water really does fall from ROCKS in this land!” This was too much for Kolli, who leaped off the nearly-squished tailor and ran for the bank.

“U-untie me!” the tailor gasped after a coughing fit, wriggling in her bonds and heeded by no one. Kolli plunged into the water and waded to Lissai's side, who had already begun drinking again. She shoved Lissai aside, using her inflated breasts as a ram. The other woman staggered, breasts wobbling, and gave her a cross look.

“What's the big idea?” she demanded.

“My turn!” Kolli giggled, plunging in and drinking.

“Your turn is when my turn's done!” she laughed, shoving her in kind with her own breasts. The two flew into a near-melee, knocking each other back and forth and stealing as many swallows under the narrow width as the falls as they could. There was a huge expanse of lake to drink from, but both women were evidently enamored by the notion of drinking from this mysterious, cool flow of water that burst from the mountains itself.

On the bank, the tailor watched this scene play out in disbelief. She began to crawl towards Lissai's discarded spear, plucking it from the earth and beginning to saw through the braided leather cord that bound her ankles. Out in the water, the two Kantisindi women still fought over the the waterfall. The brief swallows of water they'd fought each other so vigorously for were clearly beginning to have an effect; both women were much larger-busted than when they began; both women had breasts one and a half cubits in diameter.

As their bosoms filled, the struggles of the two women gradually mellowed and evolved into a general desire to be the one drinking tempered with an almost equal desire to see the effect of more water on their companion. Rather than shoving each other, they drank, kissed, and groped, grinding their bodies together under the waterfall and becoming more swollen across the bustline with each moment. The pair seemed to be taking particular delight in rubbing their swollen breasts against each other, bosom to bosom. They only shoved one another aside now if the drinking one had become obviously larger than the other. The tailor watched in horrified fascination as the two tall women grew, swelling to obscene proportions as they drank, almost like a humanoid pair of ticks, bloated and replete with water. As the women filled, their breasts gradually shifted from heavy, teardrop shape to more taut and fully-round spheres. A faint pink flush began to creep into the tan of their bosoms, the resilient mammaries obviously starting to strain with the incredible pressure. Their breasts were so full they almost seemed to creak, tight and gleaming in the sun's light. The tailor was just beginning to wonder if their breasts were going to burst when her sawing motion with the spear finally snapped the bonds around her ankles. Immediately she was on her feet and down the path. Out in the water, Kolli, in the midst of kissing the neck of the drinking Lissai, spotted her.

“She's getting away!” Kolli yelled. Jarred back to reality, Lissai spun and both women began to charge for the bank. Going was much slower this time around, both women weighed down with enormous quantities of water. Lissai reached the bank and leaped, catching hold of the fleeing tailor's belt. The violence of the lunge tore the strap from the woman's waist. Lissai landed heavily on her breasts with a grunt, clutching the tailor's belt and staring at the smaller woman racing up the valley. Kolli left the water a half second later, sprinting after the women in long, jiggling strides. The fleeing tailor continued to pull away, not burdened by untold buckets of water. Gradually Kolli slowed, putting her hands on her hips and walking. Her turgid breasts extended before her like a swollen, taut prow. She turned back to face Lissai.

“You let her get away!” Lissai fumed. Kolli threw her hands up in the air.

“I don't feel like chasing someone when I'm carrying six times their weight in my tits!” she yelled back, gradually walking over to the bank and flopping to the ground beside Lissai. “Besides, you didn't even tie her up!” Lissai snorted in laughter, dropping the belt and caressing her swollen, tight breasts. Kolli eyed her partner's swollen bosom lasciviously, before her eyes set on the tailor's belt...and the waterskin it held. Snatching the waterskin, she pounced on Lissai and pinned her to the ground with her own bosom, the four straining spheres rubbing against each other. Unstoppering the waterskin, she plugged it to Lissai's lips with a grin.

“It's your fault she got away! Drink this and think about what you've done,” she laughed. Lissai struggled and fought, but Kolli held her nose until all the liquid had gone done Lissai's throat. With a shove, Lissai sent the other woman flopping to the bank. Lissai sputtered and coughed, but looked aroused rather than upset. She held her creaking breasts protectively with one hand over each. Kolli grinned down at her, stoppering the departed tailor's waterskin that she'd just forced Lissai to drink from. “Stupid! I'm already so full!” Lissai said.

Her compatriot poked her playfully in the right breast, saying with a smirk, “Well, now fuller.” The forcibly-distended woman passed a flustered, smoldering look at her, and then suddenly twisted her torso expertly and sent her colossal breasts into the side of Kolli's head, knocking her to the ground like she'd been hit with a catapult.

“Sinlai!” Lissai yelled in Kantisindi, a word that represents a unique, cultural phenomenon that translates as something rather like, “My emotional state is such that I'm not sure if I want to fight you or fuck you, so I'm going to do both.” Her companion wiped her wrist across her mouth, looking up at the other woman with a curious expression of outrage and arousal. Kolli staggered to her feet. She pressed her bosom directly against the other woman's and arched her back.

“By the time I'm done with you, I'll make you drink ten times as much as that!” Kolli said.

Lissai grabbed double-handfuls of her companion's breasts and responded, “I'll make you drink twenty times that and make you say thank you afterwards!” The other woman showed a moment of disbelief mixed with curiousity.

“Too much!” Kolli laughed, eyes dancing with arousal. Her companion grinned dangerously.

“Worried your tits pop? Then you'd better stop me,” she taunted. At that, the two women were at it again; they wrestled against each other up and down the bank, mud clinging to the gleaming surface of their incredibly expanded breasts. They kissed, they ground their bodies against each other, they punched, they rolled and fought down to the edge of the waterline and struggled for control to hold the other's head under water, gradually forcing each other bigger swallow by swallow. By sundown, the level of the lake was several inches lower, and each woman was straining at the seams, breasts near the size of boulders, and absolutely ready to pop— but each called it a very successful day.
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dragonbuttlover69 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
what a lovely picture you have drawn. i wish i had just as good drawing skills as you.
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